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hey america / in your first shoes / walk into me

hey man fuck you
24 March
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Put on that dress
I'm going out dancing
Starting off red
Clean and sparkling he'll see me
Music play make it dreamy for dancing
Must be a way that I can dress to please him
It's hard to walk in the dress it's not easy
I'm swinging over like a heavy loaded fruit tree

If you put it on
If you put it on

It's sad to see
Lonely all this lonely
Close up my eyes
Dreamy dreamy music make it be alright
Music play make it good for romancing
Must be a way I can dress to please him
Swing it sway everything'll be alright
But it's feeling so tight tonight

If you put it on
If you put it on

-"You purdy thang" my man says
"But I bought you beautiful dresses"

Filthy tight the dress is filthy
I'm falling flat and my arms are empty
Clear the way better get it out of this room
A fallen woman in dancing costume